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Buying a home is a major life event.  We want to help you rest assured that your new home will be safe.


We want to help you be prepared to make your next move.  We can help identify areas of your home that may need some attention.


From time to time it is good to evaluate the "health" of your home.  Just as a check up from your family Dr. helps you to keep an eye on your overall health.  A diligent home inspection can help you to keep your home healthy by identifying areas that may need some TLC ( repair or maintenance).


As a husband and father of six, home safety is a must.  I treat every home inspection with the value of people in mind.  Your new homes greatest asset is those who live there.

About Radon

How often should I test for radon?

• MDH(Minnesota Department of Health) recommends every Minnesota home,

  even those built radon-resistant, be tested for radon.      

• You should retest your home every

   2 – 5 years and save your results.

• Be sure to test before and after you make any

   major structural renovations such as building

   an addition or finishing a basement. Radon-resistant

   techniques can be inexpensively

   included as part of the renovation, if needed.

• You should also perform a radon test after

   buying a new heating system or adding

   central air conditioning. 

For more information please see MDH brochure: